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This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of the fall of the cannabis marijuana prohibition!


Retail sales of marijuana began July 8, 2014 in Washington State.  The state is currently under resourced for marijuana production and cannot keep up with the anticipated and growing demand.


Fuzzy Limit has applied to be a Tier 2 Producer/Processor, which allows for between two thousand square feet and ten thousand square feet of dedicated plant canopy.


The state has received over 2,700 producer/processor applications to meet their designated limit of 2 million square feet of canopy space for production .  Less than 100 producer/processor licenses have been issued, causing a shortage in the market.


Fuzzy Limit is a license pending cannabis marijuana grower, producer and processing company in Washington State that plans to help fulfill the demand across the state.


We are in the process of acquiring and making the land suitable for county approval and have our Phase 1 building plan in place.


We are seeking recreational cannabis angel investor or lender for I-502 facility.   We have a business plan in place to discuss with qualified investors/lenders.


Visit our Contact page to introduce yourself and qualify to receive more in-depth information about our business model.

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