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Cannabinoid oils are the “liquid gold” of the legal marijuana industry. The oils are the active ingredient of marijuana. Extracted cannabinoid acids are infused into soft drinks, mints, truffles, and more.  The cannabis by-products that would usually be discarded as waste are used in the extraction process.  Our equipment uses cannabis “trim” to produce a clean oil extract that can be used in food products and vape pens.


CO2 oil extraction has several advantages over other methods:


  •  CO2 is non-toxic and is Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA for use in food products. Other extraction solvents,          such as hydrocarbon based propellants like propane and butane, hexane and pentane, or ethanol/alcohol mixtures require additional processing beyond the extraction process in order to ensure the product is safe for consumption. With CO2 oil extraction, no toxins, heavy metals or hydrocarbon materials come in contact with the extracted oils.  The spent material is also free of residual contaminates so it can be re-used as well.


   •  CO2 is non-flammable. It does not require costly explosion proof facilities.


   •  CO2 is “cold” – Cannabis oil extractions can be done at temperatures that are native to the plant, minimizing thermal degradation of the plant material and the extracted oil.


   •  CO2 is “tunable” – the solvency power of CO2 can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing pressures and/or temperatures.


   •  CO2 is inexpensive and readily available. Production CO2 oil extraction systems recirculate and subsequently recover 95% of the CO2 used in each extraction.


   •  CO2 is environmentally friendly. It does not contribute to the overall atmospheric CO2 levels.



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